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About Us

Best Veg Caterers in Varanasi India




Experience Counts

We are proud Caterers In Varanasi with years of experience in the catering services. Our premium food items have gained acknowledgements from the clients for their rich taste and hygiene.


Quality Assurance

Universe Caterers provide their clients with the quality of food and beverages, We do a quality testing while cooking and all our food is prepared by experienced cooks.


Event Management

We are a team of passionate, professional, dedicated and experienced people who are always zealous to ensure that every event we cater to, becomes a huge success.



Client satisfaction is what we except as a true parameter of our success, Customer feedback is very important and So that we are always ready for the changing times.


We Serve Only Vegetarian Food


Best Veg Caterers in Varanasi 


The choice of the customer has made Our Catering Company the Best Veg Caterers since 2014, and Universe Caterers have maintained a credit for creating traditional and professional veg catering services in Varanasi India.

Our highly-trained chefs only use the freshest quality produce to create classical, contemporary, or innovative menus for your wedding or corporate event in Varanasi India.

All the ingredients, which we use, are procured, cleaned, segregated, and sealed very carefully by our quality control team. The inputs are use batch-wise only, and a sample of every product getting out of the production unit, batch-wise, is tested in our Lab. All the ingredients are used as per the standard recipes. If you are searching Best Veg Caterers in Varanasi India, so please call–09889779767–7239000062

Our Wedding Catering menus change regularly, taking advantage of the best seasonal produce and some exciting trends in the food and catering world. Of course, we’re also happy to tailor menus to suit your requirements and preferences: We consult with you care about what you want so that we can then work hard to deliver food that meets (and exceeds) your expectations.

We offer fantastic food at your budget prices, and we have no hidden fees or charges. We sit down with us, everything is explained, and all the pricing is done. Our customer service is what makes us the best wedding caterers around. Our team has developed our menu for over Six years. Universe Caterers Team is adding new dishes regularly.



Wedding Catering Services

Image of Wedding Catering Services In Varanasi With Serve snacks


Weddings are a time of pomp and galore. It is the perfect time for get-together along with indulging in a lot of fun and entertainment. Weddings are not a one-day ceremony. It includes many other functions starting from sangeet, Mehandi and ending in reception.
guests start to arrive at our place, the occasion begins. However, amidst all these arrangements, it’s the food that plays an integral role. by Feeding your guests with sumptuous food, you can get close to their heart. –If you are searching Weddings Catering Service In Varanasi, so please call–09889779767–7239000062



Birthday Party Caterers

Images of Birthday Party Caterers in Varanasi


Birthday is the day when God gifts us { Birthday Party Caterers In Varanasi } with the most precious present –Life. With it, God also bestows on us blessings of our loved ones, our family & friends. It is a day when all in the family rejoice, celebrate and bless the birthday boy/girl.

Celebrating a birthday has undergone a major change in the past few years. Earlier, it was restricted to a family get together at home.
Now people book Lawn or large hall for guests, Celebrating with the birthday theme. If you are searching Birthday Party Caterers In Varanasi, so please call–09889779767–7239000062


Corporate Event Catering

Image of Corporate Event Catering


Universe caterers { Corporate Event Catering In Varanasi } is those who make your corporate event successful with their Presentation and hard work. We arrange the entire meal for the guests coming to Event According to your budget. If you are searching Corporate Event Catering in Varanasi, so please call–09889779767–7239000062

Business Man and corporates know the importance of organizing Corporate Events very well. If you are preparing for a corporate event of any kind, the success and failure of the event could depend on the type of Corporate Event Catering you provide.



Get Together Party Catering

Image of Get Together Party Catering in Varanasi

Parties are pretty much the happening thing everywhere. People like to meet and greet, exchange pleasantries and spend a good gala time with close ones. Get Together Party is a fair occasion for meeting new people, getting acquainted and building connections. And the one element that is constant at all times, whether meetings, events, or get-togethers is food. It sieves people together and completes any occasion. If you are searching Get Together Party Catering in Varanasi, so please call–09889779767–7239000062



Opening Ceremony Catering

Image of Opening Ceremony Catering In Varanasi


Inauguration of a replacement outlet or a grand opening of your new venture, we at Universe Caterers { Veg Caterers } noted to be the simplest Catering Services in Varanasi offers finger-licking and soul satiating meals which can add the right spark to the opening ceremony. And this is often not limited to food alone, Universe Caterers { Opening Ceremony Catering In Varanasi } to arranging the whole event including entertainment, music, DJs, orchestra, Lighting, Decoration, Tent and far more and each other detailing you’ll need for creating your event a Superhit. If you are searching Opening Ceremony Catering in Varanasi, so please call–09889779767–7239000062  Thanks for visiting our catering website.



Stylish food Serving Style. Good portion size. Guests commended the quality of the food. Helpful customer service.

shivani singh

The catering services are one of the most popular and worth every budget . My brother's wedding catering was mostly praised by all provided by Universe Caterers.

Vishal Mishra

Universe Caterers are one of the best caterers in Varanasi and surrounding areas. They provide fresh, tasty and healthy food with very well trained staff. I'll definitely come again to Kamal & Ashish ji for my next parties.

Chandra Shekhar Singh


Varanasi Up.


9889779767 7239000062


J-12 / 6 NATI IMLI



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